Monday, 28 November 2011

The adventure has begun!

After 8 hours flying, 10 hours driving (collectively), 2 aeroplane meals, 10kgs of luggage and a stop over in Bangkok, I have finally made it to my destination of Sam Rit, in order to get the residency project made. in Sam Rit, off to a start.  It has been quite a journey already, starting at Brisbane airport, just after checking my luggage in, then spilling an entire bottle of carbonated beverage all over my pants (there will be no advertising of names here), and having to spend a whopping $90 on new surf labels pants just to ensure I wasn't going to be drenched for the next 8 hours!

The flight was great, coupled with a few vodkas, on demand movies, and a sketchbook.  Landing in Bangkok had to be the best part though.  The airport is amazing - a futuristic architectural design jam-packed with tonnes of glass and steel, and travelators throughout the entire terminal.

After meeting up with Lindsay Sales (Project Liaison and dad), we set off the hotel to rest before heading up country to the village on Monday.  It was midnight on a Sunday in Bangkok by the time we reached the city, and it was in no way asleep.  Taxis were still everywhere, people working, playing and eating.

Monday morning I woke up bright and early (thanks to a 3 hour time difference) and headed off to find coffee.  I had remembered coffee in Thailand to be particularly sweet and creamy as they use condensed milk with it, so I thought my best bet would be a convenience store to find something stronger and unsweetened.  After choosing the type of coffee in a can that read 'strong', and still being highly disappointed with the level of sugar, I came across several coffee vendors with espresso machines and all.  Things have certainly changed since I lived here 11 years ago.

Bangkok is a great place to recalibrate your senses.  So many sights, sounds, smells and tastes.  Walking past all the street vendors on my morning adventure, I felt so enlivened and excited to be back here.

In the afternoon we headed North out of the city towards the village.  It was heart-breaking to witness how the floods are STILL affecting the people in the area.  So many people are displaced from their homes, jobs and cars.  I had no idea it was still this bad, even after a month.  I really want to do something to help out from Australia once I get back.

After delays from the flood and some massive billboards and overloaded vehicles, we made it to Nakhon Ratchasima Province to my family's house in Ban Muang, which is 20 minutes from Sam Rit Village.  Tomorrow we will venture around the area and I will document how amazing this part of the world really is.  Stay tuned...

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