Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Getting down to it

It's getting down to the nitty gritty now, as I start to truly document and research about Sam Rit village.

Firstly I will introduce Eck, our Project Liaison and Translator for the program.  Eck will be responsible for orientating each artist and then being on call whenever an artist requires assistance with any matter.  He is also helping me to get the project developed during my short stay at the moment.

We started the day off by checking out one of the tourist hot spots that the artists will see during their 3 day orientation.  The place is called Sai Ngam, and it's made of one single Banyan Tree which is so old, it has now grown into its own island.  It's a very sacred a beautiful place that both locals and tourist venture to see and have a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants flanking the site.

It was then down to business as Eck and I went to suss out the living quarters and studio for the resident artists, sorting out what needs to be done and what needs to be sourced.  I've got some great pictures of the local family residents, including the animals, and an insight into the livelihood of this working village from farming mushrooms, eggs, pigs and rice, which will be put into the residency package.  
We also took a trip to the local school in Sam Rit.  This school has grown over the years and now teaches students from primary to junior high level.  The English teacher was especially excited to learn that each artist would be paying a visit to the school in order to give a presentation about their life in Australia.  They are crying out for genuine English language exposure and are excited about the residency program starting next year.
Artist's residence in Sam Rit

We took a trip to all the local convenience stores and documented what kind of products are available.  There is pretty much everything you need in the village from toiletries, snacks, beer, phone cards and a photocopier. The temple or 'Wat' also welcomed our presence as we took photos inside the building and checked out the wall paintings adorning the walls.  I hope to meet the artist who painted these murals at the end of the week.

Chicken coop for egg farming
The day ended with a home cooked feast in the family compound, and some local beers to boot.  It truly is such an organic experience in the village - so relaxed and honest.  We are truly looking forward to sharing the experience with the artists that come over.

A feast of local produce

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  1. It all looks and sounds like a wonderful experience for everyone involved! Keep up the great work :-)